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With Jason Alonso
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The year is 1870 in London, England. It is the time of Jules Verne and Charles Dickens. Technology is advancing at an unheard-of pace, new discoveries are being made every day, but grime and poverty are commonplace.  A new class of industrial magnates find themselves catapulted to power, their family businesses transformed almost overnight into influential new industries.  But Europe is a powder-keg waiting to explode, and an uneasy war has just begun between France and Prussia.

Against this backdrop, a trading summit has been called on a floating museum in the London Harbor.  Aboard this stationary and seemly impossible craft, five magnates and their entourages have been summoned by a shadowy but failing industrial power named Rose & Prop. It promises to be an opportunity of a lifetime to exchange goods and make connections.  It seems to be an evening full of singular opportunities... what could possibly go wrong?

Container is a game about industrialization, mass production, and the modernization of science.  It is about the legacy parents leave their children.  It is about searching for mystery in a world that seems to have none left.

Container is a meticulously-researched and overwritten piece of interactive historical fiction. The game has run a handful of times since 2015.

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