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For years I had a very active technology-enabled market research consultancy. In the mid-2000s, marketing was changing and data-driving quantitive marketing was taking hold. However, market research remained driven by qualitative work. Using open-source technology developed in my group at the MIT Media Lab, we used early versions of modern machine learning techniques to derive insights from product design feedback in a metrics-driven fashion.

It's probable that you used a product or service this week that was designed with some of my research from this period. I worked with VF Corporation, BT, Shell, Proctor & Gamble, Hallmark, Unisys, Humana, Avid, Dentsu, EMC, Intuit, and Bank of America.


This consulting company would eventually decide to become a product company - Luminoso. I no longer have an active market research practice but would be happy to work with you applying AI to market research in my current technology strategy practice.

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