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Vigil is an in-development multi-modality narrative where each installment is told using a different interaction paradigm including AR game, interactive theater, and traditional tabletop. 

The Winter Solstice has arrived at Kargslätt, and with it the festival of Vinterhelg.  It’s a joyous occasion of music, feasting, storytelling, and ritual. This past summer was cold, however, so the harvest was poor: a bitter winter is already casting a pall over the merry-making. Each of three nomadic tribes, though fighting to survive the harsh season, has sent two people with some provisions to a lonely citadel named Vigil which keeps watch over a barren expanse of forest and snow.


They come to learn, they come to teach, and they come to decide the affairs of the council.  What will they learn of the other tribes when they arrive? What has happened in the past year at the citadel? In a world without cities, why do these nomads come to a desolate bastion?

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